Magnetic universe dark magnoflux space constants

Alternative Electric Universe, Deep-space Constant


Between celestial objects is a vast volume [x,y&z] of empty space but yet it is able to transmit any & all frequencies of magnetic light energy.

In order to allow a magnetic photon transmission all space needs to be magnetised.    The nickname for magnetised space is aether and Electronic Engineers are well aware that radio waves here on our planet earth need to vibrate through the aether which is possible because the earth has a magnetic field.  Electrical Engineers know that electricity moves at the speed of light and the magnetic energy nicknamed magnoflux can be transmitted through the magnetic core of a transformer as well as inside the spare holes of the outer electron shells of a conductor.  Electricity is a low frequency magnetic photon [magnon] flow inside a conductors aether magnetised spare holes which mimics the aether found in space and can move at the speed of light.  So we don’t have to go into space to study the aether; we can do it right here on earth.

See  video of electromagnetic induction motor



The Norfolk island effect showed that sunspots caused radio interference here on planet earth which means the sun and earth are linked magnetically together.      Above is a picture of the inner solar system with the suns overall flux marked in beige which is our stars magnetic field which permeates the complete volume of space out to the boundary with surrounding nearby stars. Note the planets individual fluxes do not cross which results in a flat spin axis thus minimising energy losses.  NASA must be credited for this extraordinary video clip of a comet hitting the sun.

We should note that the comet did not just disappear and make a crater on the suns surface as classic Newton physics would predict but the comets matter charges must have been annihilated and the whole of the energy transferred to the suns magnetic corona which burst out with flare at the speed of light immediately but the momentum energy was contained inside and only later appears as a CME.

Moons are magnetically locked into their host planets magnetic field resulting in the same side of the moons always facing the planet and provides an automatic feedback to correct the moons velocity and rotational position. It should also be noted that planets like mercury with no moons has no apparent magnetic field also venus and mars  have minimal magnetic fields because they have tiny moons.

Not only is the solar space magnetised but it will need to be polarised if the solar wind H+ particles are to be attracted away from the stars surface towards negative matter.

From the above diagram we can envisage there being an electric field between a positively charged sun and negatively charged planetary matter in the z direction.  Knowing that we are magnetically linked at right angles in the y direction i.e. from our north pole to the sun south pole and back under to our south pole results in a magnoflux spin effect and causes an induced current to flow in the dawn to dusk x direction across the planet. [see video] “”     

Thus the planet spin movement is in y direction at right angles to the x and z directions as per Faradays law.


Now think what the solar system looks like electro-magnetically if we magnetise it and polarise it; with the sun a positive emitter and planets of attractive negative matter.


The current and flux [x,y]  field is a spinning area of magnoflux commonly known as aether which weighs nothing and is extremely flexible with its normal position at right angles to our sun axis so that sunlight can travel in a direct line to the planet through a sort of magnoflux tunnel of rotating area of magnetic flux current.


Outside the solar system the other stars in our galaxy rotate around the super massive black hole which is at the centre of milky way galaxy which is a magnetic hub in SagA* naturally causing it to be a strong radio source.  As all stars are positively charged they will repel each other and spin on their magnetic axis into spirals, bar spirals etc. around the magnetic hub at the centre of their galaxy.

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When a light wave photon [magnon] vibration enters into a volume of magnetised space between stars the magnoflux field area re-aligns exactly at right angles to the incoming pulse and transmits the magnetic fluctuation forward by spinning a magnetic dipole which is cut in two as a balanced set of monopoles rotating around the centre swivel point. After transmission the magnetic field will relax and return to its normal position set by the magnetic hub at its galactic centre

So is light like an photon magnon? YES, as it has the energy equivalence BUT only due to its magnetic spin energy not its mass.

Or is light like a wave movement YES, it rotates like a magnetic Sin wave in the x.y direction BUT also moves  in the z direction if a DC voltage attracts the magnetic photon [magnon] energy forward.

So God said “let there be light” , magnetised the universe and low and behold we can see star light from other galaxies as well as our own milky way.


A typical way to produce high frequency electromagnetic vibrational energy here, on planet earth is a magnetron which has a vacuum cavity inside and volts, amps and flux all at right angles to each other. Note: there is only one exit down the anode wave guide forming the magnoflux energy  which makes it directional spinning magnetic light.

But any magnoflux energy photon can hit and be absorbed into a matter molecule

Clive.jpg (944×847)

This diagram illustrates that a directional photon can be absorbed into an electron shell by turning inside out into a double pyramid shaped volume of magnetic energy.

NOTE  Over excited matter or antimatter can form light by high temperature explosions inside the magnetic electron shell enclosure but this is not directional electromagnetic light but a multi-directional blast or pulse of magnetic photon [magnon] energy. 

Below we show Feynman quantum multi-directional light using planetary electron charges; as opposed to true electromagnetic directional light. Both can vibrate through the magnetised aether of space.



To see how this could help explain the 2 slit experiment we need to understand that the magnetic field area [x,y] set up with flux at right angles to amps in space is neutral and balanced.  As the electromagnetic vibration enters each flux-amp area sheet can realign and allow the vibration to tumble straight ahead provided the magnoflux spins induced are balanced; giving the area a double dipole twist in the middle as shown below.

So how can we best define the photon which is just a tiny unit of spinning magnetic flux energy occupying an exact volume of space.

Definition of a Photon

A photon is a tiny unit of spinning magnetic energy [magnon] which occupies a set volume of x, y and z space.  The x, y area of space is magnetised with flux in y direction inducing current in x direction.  This means that the photon flux/current area is 6.626 x 10^-34 amps or single photon current is square root or 2.574 x 10^-17 amps. If a voltage is applied in the z direction the magnetic photon [magnon] energy will helix forward at the frequency set by the transmitter.

If photons interact with matter or anti-matter then the magnetic energy can be absorbed in the molecules magnetic enclosure as spinning magnetic heat or PV=RT equivalents.  If matter and anti-matter collide then the energy of annihilation is transferred immediately as magnoflux energy in a nuclear flash or later a corona mass ejection if a star is involved.

So logically the photon will contain a current of 2.574 x 10^-17 amps which is the magnoflux constant which defines the magnon in electric terms exactly.


Magnetic universe dark magnoflux space constants Clive Stevens ©


The idea that all energy is comprised of fundamental particles is not experimentally proven as light and electromagnetic E/M energy has no mass but does occupy a set volume of space. The results of the WMAP investigation by NASA; now confirmed by ESC/CERN, have established there is less than about 4.6% of required matter in the universe to balance it gravitationaly.  See
This means the standard CDM model based on gravity is insufficient to balance the universe because the model considers that the only force acting across space is gravitational which has led cosmologists into dreaming up dark matter, blackholes and event horizons and fantasize about parallel universes to try and explain away the WMAPs observed results, WHEN all we need to do to balance the universe is to identify the acceleration forces that are pulling or pushing the baryonic matter around.

Calculation of electric/magnetic dark space constants

Force = mass x acceleration G    or     Force = Mass x Gmass

So logically to balance the forces rather than increasing mass why not just increase the acceleration constant G? In other words find the extra planck G acceleration forces that will balance the universe, which we presume must be dark electrical hidden forces

F=Mass x [Gmass+Gelec/mag+/-Gelec/static]

So the forces in deep space vacuums comprise of not just mass attraction but also electromagnetic and electrostatic forces which although much stronger are extremely difficult to detect as there is no independent reference point to measure from but is evident due of Faraday rotation effect .

On a galactic scale to expand the universe correctly we need a repelling dark energy force to push the universe apart which is 95.4% stronger than the standard gravity force which by reciprocal  of 95.4% gives us a dark energy acceleration force that is 24.2 stronger than gravity G.  See youtube presentation    Magnoflux3D experiments

FORCE IN SPACE = Mass x [ 1 + 4 -/+ 24.2]G

The electromagnetic force is at right angles to the electrostatic force which is confirmed as the ratio of  electrostatic/electromagnetic force 24.2/4 = 6.05 which is  near enough 2 pi radian and gives a magnetic sideways spin of between 4G and 5G to the galaxies stars

So ideally, if God magnetised all the stars upwards this would result in the universe having a top and bottom and will be flattish with a sixth of its widths high. No more problems with a homogeneous spherical universe that will collapse into a big crunch as we have a universe that is expanding and more importantly each galaxy is magnetised to spin around an induced magnetic hub or super massive black hole and can sense magnetically where all the other galactic bodies/stars are.

This awareness of the stars of each others magnetic fields gradually expands outwards and causes all the stars to orbit in spirals, bar-spiral and discs etc. To polarize the stars in a galaxy electrostatically we can assign each star with a large positive charge increasing with size which unlike electron enclosed planetary matter is a  positive energy emitter with anti-matter in positron shells reversing an emission  spectrum into an absorption one.

Balancing individual solar systems within a galaxy

Our sun [on the right of the sketch] repels distant stars but is attracted by an electric force to its surrounding negative charged matter material objects like planets, moons and asteroids etc. by the same electric deep space force [as dark energy] of 23.2G but is  24.2G overall by adding on Gm gravity.

As a result of this amended attraction; the sun will weigh 4.12% or 8.26*10^28 kg

SOHO  circulates near the Lagrange point L1 and is 1.5 million km from earth.  This can be confirmed as the time for a radio signal to go there and back is about 10 seconds. Therefore as the sun is 150 million km from earth then the forces balance by inverse square law when:-

Msun= Mearth *148.5 2 /1.5 2   = 9801 times the weight of planet earth 6*10 24                             = 5.8 x 10 28  kg    which is slightly less than the figure calculated above.

Sun and nearby stars sketch of light emission

The above diagram shows just 3 of the planets rotating our sun with the lines of electric/magnetic attraction to the sun indicated in thick red. This is also the magnoflux tunnel route the sunlight energy will be transmitted through. The dotted cut lines show the repulsion of planet from planet and our sun to other stars. The narrow red lines also show how our sunlight is attracted across to all planetary material including to the planets of other stars through magnoflux tunnels.
These tunnels are created and maintained by a solar wind of H+ ions that are attracted across space by the DC voltage difference between the positive stars surface and negative electron shells of cosmic planetary matter.